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Powerful, sleek and easy-to-use. Optimize and manage your images from anywhere, anytime.

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FREE ForeverStarting at $5 / mo.

Maximum File Size
Optimize larger images of up to 16MB in size

1 MB16 MB

Lossless Optimization Options
Optimize your images without losing a single pixel of quality

Optimization Statistics
View your daily optimization statistics

API Access
Plug your applications into the powerful Kraken API

WordPress Plugin
Get our WordPress plugin and speed up your blog right away

Web Interface PRO
URL Paster, Page Cruncher, Dropbox Storage and more!

Image Resizing
Resize images using one of several strategies prior to optimization

Fast User Support
Fast and friendly customer support, seven days a week

Fast, Simple, Powerful

The best Web-based image optimizer available now augmented with advanced features.

Dedicated infrastructure at your service

Send all your images to the powerful, cutting-edge hardware powering and get them optimized in no time. We selected dedicated hardware specifically for the resource-hungry task of image optimization, so optimizing all your images will not consume a single CPU cycle on your own machines. Just send your images to us, we’ll do the work. It’s that simple.

URL Paster and Page Cruncher

Paste a list of image URLs into a simple text area and Kraken will download them all, optimize them, and give you back a ZIP archive. Enter a website URL into the Page Cruncher and Kraken will grab all the images it finds there, including background images from CSS, optimize them, and give you back a ZIP archive. If you like, you can have the images placed into a folder structure matching that of each image URL. Quick, simple and fun.

Image Resizing

Many images are larger, in terms of dimensions, than they need to be for a given use-case or purpose. When you need to generate sets of images in different sizes or dimensions, our easy-to-use image resizing interface has you covered. Just specify your required dimensions and pick one of several strategies for resizing your images, prior to optimization. Perfect for creating thumbnails, previews and image sets to cover different devices and viewports.

16MB maximum file size

Lossily or losslessly compress larger images of up to 16MB in size. Our lossy optimization algorithms will in most cases not visibly alter your images, while shrinking their filesize by a typical 50 - 75 percent. Our lossless image optimization is perfect for situations where altering the image in any way is simply not an option. Typically, you can reduce the size of your files by up to 20% (and sometimes more) with lossless optimization. Quite impressive, considering the pixel information remains untouched.

Cloud storage

Anything and everything you optimize is instantly stored to your secure Kraken account, for easy access, anytime, any place. Our sleek and easy-to-use interface lets you manage your images with ease, and there is no upper limit to how much you can keep in your account. It is also worth keeping in mind that we will be adding new features all the time to give you more ways to exploit this feature and the rest of the service.

Simple, flexible pricing that fits all your needs.


$9 / mo.$90 / year
  • 2 GBof images per month
  • $4.00per additional GB
  • Web Interface PRO
  • API Access
  • WordPress Plugin


$19 / mo.$190 / year
  • 5 GBof images per month
  • $3.00per additional GB
  • Web Interface PRO
  • API Access
  • WordPress Plugin


$39 / mo.$390 / year
  • 15 GBof images per month
  • $2.00per additional GB
  • Web Interface PRO
  • API Access
  • WordPress Plugin


$79 / mo.$790 / year
  • 60 GBof images per month
  • $1.00per additional GB
  • Web Interface PRO
  • API Access
  • WordPress Plugin
We also offer a Micro Plan for just $5 / mo$50 / year. Quota is 500 MB of images per month and each additional GB is charged at $5.
All plans come with:
  • Web Interface PRO
  • API Access
  • WordPress Plugin
  • 16 MB File Size Limit
  • Extreme Compression
  • SSL Encryption

API Sandbox

Integrate with Kraken API free of charge! Sign Up for Free and integrate with our API using the developer sandbox. No credit card required and you will receive 50 MB of FREE quota to perform real optimizations. More information.

Reseller Enabled

Premium and Enterprise subscribers can now create subaccounts, each with their own API credentials. Subaccounts are billed at $5 per month, and the usage counts towards the quota of the main account. More information.

Can I change plans or cancel my account later?Absolutely! You can cancel your account, downgrade, or upgrade at any time. We have no contract.

How does your API Sandbox work?Sign up for Kraken Free Account, and integrate with the API. Then simply upgrade to one of the billed plans in the Accounts section.

How you will bill me?When you're ready to choose a plan, simply enter your credit card and we'll activate your account and bill you monthly.

What types of payment do you accept?We accept VISA, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, Amex and JCB.
Online payments only.

Want to see something magical? Go compress a few PNG's with @KrakenIO. We just shaved 4MB.

James Simpson

KrakenIO is the first and only JPEG, PNG & GIF optimization tool that gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

Izzy Palmerin

Just changed the file size on 31 images, as well as'd em, page is now under 1/2 a MB.

Devon Rathie-Wright

Pretty impressed with so far. Compressed images on a site and saved just over 1mb.

Bill Condo