Optimize your images with blazing speed!

Kraken is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer. Thanks to its vast array of optimization algorithms Kraken is a world ahead of other tools.
Want to save bandwidth and improve your website’s load times? Look no further and welcome to Kraken!Kraken supports JPEG, PNG and GIF files.

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Free online image optimizer.

Our Premium and Enterprise plans are now Reseller enabled.
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How well does Kraken perform?

We like to think the only way to get your image files smaller after optimizing them with Kraken is to delete them.

Original Image
Kraked Image

The above image has been intelligently compressed by 74% from 907 KB to 236 KB. Spot any difference?
Download this comparison

optimized images and counting!

Why choose Kraken?

Nine reasons why you don't need to look any further than Kraken.

Developer-Friendly API

Our API was built with developers in mind. No matter which language you use Kraken API will integrate seamlessly with all your services.

WordPress Plugin

Greatly speed up your blog or business, while saving on both bandwidth and disk space using our official WordPress plugin.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Our cutting-edge hardware will let you to get the job done quickly and without consuming a single CPU cycle on your own machines.

First Class Compression

With its best-in-class algorithms Kraken gives you an incredible level of image compression and optimization.

S3 and CloudFiles Sync

Kraken API allows you to easily store optimized images directly in Amazon S3 Bucket or Rackspace Cloudfiles Container.

Lossy Optimization Options

If you decide to sacrifice just a fraction of image quality, you will be able to save up to 90% of the initial file weight.

Image Resizing

Want to have your images resized before optimization? Kraken API offers you several methods for resizing and cropping.

Free Web Interface

In case you have a smaller amount of images to be optimized you can always use our 100% free online Web Interface.

Great User Support

Get fast and friendly customer support. No auto-responses or bots. We'll get straight to the point and help you out.

Image optimization is important, and you know it.

62% of today's Internet traffic is made up of images. Optimize them with Kraken and save both money and time.

Let us do the hard work.

Optimizing images requires a lot of resources. Offload all the work to our specialized infrastructure and save money. Kraken was designed to help you lower your operational expenses by squeezing every last unnecessary byte out of your images - saving you bandwidth and storage and reducing your page footprints. Our fees are miniscule compared to the savings we will help you achieve.

Supercharge your WordPress.

Got WordPress? Install our plugin and get it loading faster right away. Our WordPress plugin allows you to optimize all images uploaded to your business or blog. Existing images can be optimized from within the Media Library. Any newly uploaded images are optimized on-the-fly. Any generated thumbnails are optimized too. Install Kraken Plugin for a quick and simple way give your WordPress blog an SEO bump!

Optimize for mobile and tablets.

With more and more people accessing your content through tablet or mobile devices, reducing your Time to Glass should be one of your top priorities. Dont't waste your user's precious bandwidth with oversized, unoptimized images - they won't like it. You need to serve them images that are not carrying any extra, unnecessary weight. Using Kraken API's resizing feature you can even scale them to the size most appropriate for your target audience.

Speed up your apps and websites.

User experience is all about speed. A faster site will make your users happier. Happier users will buy more of your product and refer you more business. A faster site will get you more traffic and gain you more leads - all of which will contribute to the success of your business. If your site is image-rich, you will need to be extra vigilant in order to keep request sizes down. Kraken will help you with that.

Get ahead of the competition.

So there you have it. Kraken can help you save both time and money, speed up your apps and rank better on search engines, with little effort. But most importantly: it can help to make your customers and users happier, which will in turn help you get more customers through referrals, and build more traffic. The best time to get started is now. Happy Kraking!

Congratulations! You've made it this far! Now all there is left is to pick a plan and start kraking those fat images.See Plans and Pricing

Want to see something magical? Go compress a few PNG's with @KrakenIO. We just shaved 4MB.

James Simpson

KrakenIO is the first and only JPEG, PNG & GIF optimization tool that gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

Izzy Palmerin

Just changed the file size on 31 images, as well as Kraken.io'd em, page is now under 1/2 a MB. So much better!

Devon Rathie-Wright

Pretty impressed with https://kraken.io so far. Compressed images on a site and saved just over 1mb.

Bill Condo