Simple, flexible pricing that fits all your needs.

We offer a MICRO Plan for just $5 / mo$50 / year. Quota is 500 MB of images per month and each additional GB is charged at $5. Sign Up Here.


$9 / mo.$90 / year
  • 2 GBof images per month
  • $4.00per additional GB


$19 / mo.$190 / year
  • 5 GBof images per month
  • $3.00per additional GB


$39 / mo.$390 / year
  • 15 GBof images per month
  • $2.00per additional GB


$79 / mo.$790 / year
  • 60 GBof images per month
  • $1.00per additional GB
Need something else? Do the above plans not fit your needs? If you need to cost-effectively scale your image processing
to extremely high volumes, or have any additional or special requirements, we'll be happy to tailor a plan specifically for your business.
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  • API Access
  • Web Interface PRO
  • Magento Extension
  • WordPress Plugin
  • 32 MB File Size Limit
  • Extreme Compression
  • SSL Encryption

API Sandbox

Integrate with Kraken API free of charge! Sign Up for Free and integrate with our API using the developer sandbox. No credit card required and you will receive 50 MB of FREE quota to perform real optimizations. More information.

Reseller Enabled

Premium and Enterprise subscribers can now create subaccounts, each with their own API credentials. Subaccounts are billed at $5 per month, and the usage counts towards the quota of the main account. More information.

Can I change plans or cancel my account later?Absolutely! You can cancel your account, downgrade, or upgrade at any time. We have no contract.

How does your API Sandbox work?Sign up for Kraken Free Account, and integrate with the API. Test the integration with 50MB of FREE quota.

How you will bill me?When you're ready to choose a plan, simply enter your credit card and we'll activate your account and bill you monthly.

What types of payment do you accept?We accept VISA, Mastercard, Diners, Discover, Amex and JCB.
Online payments only.